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There is a story behind creating of those wooden stones. I made them for my son, Alexander, to teach him patience, and that you have to persevere in life, despite difficulties, and relentlessly keep trying until you get something done. It took me five years to make them in my father's shed in the countryside. We had an old orchard by our house, so the very first specimens were made of the branches of the old cherry trees. And this is how we make it today. Hand made.

Name what is most important for you. And find the balance

Is it love or friendship? Knowledge or Career? Family, Truth, Respect or Faith? Name seven things you find the dearest to you. Then try to build something beautiful out of it. Try to find the balance.

Everyone is different.
Like everyone of us.

Each block is handmade, each has got a beewax finish and is polished by hand. Each one is different, and every set is unique, and so is the life of every one of us.

And what if everything falls apart?
Start again.

It's like in real life. You're bound to succeed in life if you have a little bit of luck and tremendous amount of patience. And just like in your own life, you never get to live the same day twice, and you can never put together a set of blocks in the same way.

Awarded by the jury of the International Fairs RemaDays, the International Fairs of Advertising & Printing

Awarded by the jury of Lodz Design Festival founded in 2007, for promoting Polish design.

3rd Place at SuperGift contest 2017

The wood is beautiful.
Life is beautiful.

In a production process we use the wood, which for others is just scrap wood. We don't import it, we don't get it from a lumber mill. Natural features of the product are discolorations, knags and small cracks.

Like in Nature.
Every single piece is different.

We do not use the exotic wood
from the overseas countries

Game which hypnotize you...

Alexander Seven Stones set. (7pcs)

Your own values?
Share it with the others.

The perfect gift! The wooden blocks is a perfect gift.
For those who are looking for something special. Unique. For team building, for sharing values with the customers. We can make individual set for your company. On each block you can engrave a logo or the word. We can adopt the packaging to your requirements.

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Let's talk. Stop texting.
Log out from the net. Log in to the life.

You can offer to you customer something more than WiFi.
How often do you see a couple at the restaurant's table, each with the mobile in the hand? Even when they are coming together, they do not talk. They are texting.
With the Alexander's Seven Stones wooden blocks we can make your clients interesting each other again.

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